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Current location --- What opportunities will the global resource bring?
What opportunities will the global resource bring?

Dupont, ishihara, hensman, and troo ect. producers of titanium dioxide production have announced production cuts of more than 400,000 tons ,the first half of the year 2016, affected by that reason, there was serious tension in the European titanium dioxide market.


According to the ICIS message, the market for titanium dioxide in Europe is still tight, there was little relief, the price rally could continue into the fourth quarter. Market participants also saidthe supply of titanium dioxide in Europe remains challenging

the supply of goods sold out by the suppliers resulted in difficulties in supplydelay in delivery.


Correlation analysis suggests that affected by the above factorsthe price of titanium dioxide in Europe will continue to rise in the fourth quarter.At presentthe market titanium dioxide contract price is about 2.59 ~ 2.85 euro/kgNorth-West EuropeFD, According to relevant indications, fourth quarter,The price of titanium dioxide will rise between 100 and 300 euros per ton on the existing basis. On the basis of calculation,The price of titanium dioxide in this market will exceed 3000 euro/ton.


At presentthere are a few buyers said,although operating capital constraints in the past year usually reduce inventory at the end of the year, but this year it will consider restocking, So hoarding can be a major priority. The European titanium dioxide market has been pricing in quarterly prices since the fourth quarter of 2013, third quarter of 2016 reached the highest level, to this end, the buyer has been trying to shift the upward pressure on downstream costs.


From the exchange rate and the price point of view, China's exports to the European market are more competitive than the first half of the year, the prospect of China's titanium dioxide exports will continue to be positive.But the viewpoint thinks, not all customers can accept the technical level of Chinese titanium dioxide, the price advantage will also be discounted, given the cost of transportation.



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