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Current location --- Development of Coatings market in future
Development of Coatings market in future

2017 has passed more than half of the yearthe paint market remains unquietunder market pressurethe paint companiesmanufacturers also keep analyzing industry situationlooking for new opportunity.


Artistic paint has more important effectthe market share has more increase.


Over the years, People's pursuit of quality of life gradually increases,while artistic paint is fit for consumer demand of beauty of home decoration products,take the  traditional decorative style out from latex paint, monotony of paint,to eco friendly, texture, a new era of color painting, the decorative effect of coating is very artistic, have gained popularity from consumers.


Last year, all the big coating manufacturers launched artistic coating products, true stone paint, relief paint, phantom paint, texture paint, Malay paint, etc. Make the original niche artistic coating, it's becoming popular. on August 15,the leader of the coating chamber of commerce put the idea of establishing shun de art coating industrial park, and received support from local government. In addition, 2017 development forum of architectural coatings and art coatings will be held in shunde in September this year, these all indicate that artistic coating will develop rapidly


Industrial paint become the focus of development


all the time, Industrial coatings and architectural coatings can be said to be evenly split in the market,with the increased price of raw material, the profit of household coating decreases gradually,some of the Paint manufacturers put their focus to the  Industrial Coatings.


According to figures, The total output of industrial coatings in China was 322.21 million tons in 2006-2007,accounting for 20.59% of total paint production in China.

It can be seen that China's industrial coating market is relatively weak,so Many national coatings enterprises try their best in industry coatings, Strive for market discourse.set up the group of industrial paint, research and development of industrial lacquer technology, companies are making frequent moves in industrial paint. carpoly, bade have all worked hard in industrial paint, New industrial paint products have been introduced.


With the status of market rising, the technology of industrial coating is maturing

China's industrial paint market is maturing. It is bound to compete with the international industrial paint brand.

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