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Current location --- Application of Tio2 in PVC profile shapes
Application of Tio2 in PVC profile shapes

PVC profile shapes is used as outdoor productsweather resistance is one of the most important Property.Its weather resistance,mainly depend on Tio2.So high weather resistance is the basic requirement of Tio2.While Tio2 is also very improtant pigment in PVC profileIt is also necessary to provide a good appearance. Rigid PVC profile formulation is very complicatedmachined with high difficultyTio2 is required not affect the processing performance of other components. And meet the requirements of high temperature processing for heat resistance of titanium dioxide.


The requirement for Tio2 in PVC profile , It can be said that weatherability is the most basic.So Rigid PVC profile is use with High weather resistance rutile Tio2 . The molding process of plastic processing mainly includes Injection molding, extrusion, rolling, blown film, hollow forming and so on, Rigid PVC profile extrusion molding. All molding processes must be heated and cut during processing,all need well mixed,so the common requirement is:Tio2 need reach the requirement of basic requirement of heat-resistibility, should be easy to dispersibility, It does not affect the processing performance of other components and so on.The mainly different is the different influences for application performance of products in late stage.


Tio2 plays an important role in the market development of rigid PVC. Rigid PVC doors and Windows have outstanding comprehensive performance, But the PVC itself is not has weatherability, It is titanium dioxide that gives PVC good weatherability,make it as products use in outdoor. If titanium dioxide can provide a more efficient weatherability and chromogenic performance for profile shapes,properly reduce the costsThen the market share of PVC profile in the door and window market will have more obvious promotion. Current plastics industryRigid PVC profile is one of the main users of the high-end rutile titanium dioxideThe industry has grown at a double-digit annual rate in nearly two decadesnot only make requirement for domestic high-end rutile Tio2but also provide more great development space and opportunity.

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