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Current location --- More strict environmental protection inspection will be coming
More strict environmental protection inspection will be coming

For the reason in the preliminary stage of jinjiang  Industrial  Park  under Panzhihua Vanadium and Titanium Industrial Park  be  asked  to stop operate and be restructured ,all Chemical industry in the Industrial  Park  have to stop production all together, including many Tio2  production enterprise in the area be compelled  to stop produce. The Tio2 enterprises in the park have been reproducing since the slag field was rectification.

The news from local authorities,at present, Shandong, jilin, Zhejiang and sichuan provinces.They convened a meeting for Supporting Work of The central environmental protection inspectorate, especially Sichuan province has carried out Provincial environmental supervision at first. a part of the capacity of titanium mineral has been stoped in Panzhihua region. The Central environmental protection inspection group formed a team with about 3000 law enforcement officials on 2nd August,they Visited the enterprises in various districts of Chengdu for visit and check the environmental problem.

Sources said that, Central environmental protection inspection group will come in Panzhihua region in mid-August. however the local environmental protection bureau of panzhihua has already conducted and tests theTio2 enterprises in the park.,there is a  big environment pressure for Tio2 enterprises. Although some enterprises have resumed production,but under the influence of environmental supervision, the environment pressure for enterprises not have be weakened,or faced more environmental supervision.

Tio2 industry is a high pollution, high energy-consuming industry and run the risk of being shut down. For the titanium dioxide industry,nergy conservation, meets the requirement of cleaner production that can be put off no longer. Faced the tough environmental policies,there is no chance to survive,”Starting your business when you have the conditions, creating it when no conditions”. Accelerate the transformation of the production process, increase the investment on protect the environment in order to achieve environmental protection request ASAP. Meanwhile reduce the cost from energy saving and emission reduction. Building the foundation of sustainable development is a critical period for enterprises at at the moment. It is a wise choice to lay the Foundation for cope with market's changes.

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